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of SAP employees use smartphones or tablets for work!




BlackBerry Smartphones

Windows 8

mobile apps available to SAP employees

SAP uses SAP Mobile Platform to develop and deploy mobile apps across device platforms.

Operations forecasting has gone from weekly cadence to Real-Time Insights!

In 2013, SAP Mobile Sales team is going Mobile-Only!

SAP Employees use mobile apps for cafeteria menu-lookup, collaboration, augmented reality office locator, and much more.

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Employees can try out latest mobile devices and apps in 20+ Mobile Solution Centers globally by 2013.

SAP has created a Mobile Mindset by giving employees device-choice.

Mobility experts from across SAP unite to drive SAP's mobile strategy led by IT.

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With SAP Mobile I can run a billion dollar business from anywhere, anytime on any device.
-Sanjay Poonen,
Head of Mobile Division

Creating a mobile mind-set has revolutionized the way our people work.
-Oliver Bussmann, CIO

I get insights anytime and anywhere into how SAP Marketing is Performing.
-Jonathan Becher, CMO

5,000 SAP employees bring their own mobile device to work!

With SAP Afaria, employees can self-configure a mobile device.